Innovative Technology in Schools Conference

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of attending the Innovative Technology in Schools Conference (ITSC) at the University of Technology in Sydney, New South Wales. It was an awesome experience, spending four days with enthusiastic, innovative and tech-minded teachers from all around Australia.

I just loved the keynote speech from Marco Torres, an inspirational teacher who reminded me of the importance, no — the urgency, of our task. In their work lives, our children will not communicate with pen and paper. They probably won’t even communicate using a computer keyboard. Their tools of trade will be their creativity, their networking skills and their ability to embrace change. These are difficult things to teach, and will never be measured in a standardised test. However, these attributes must be our focus if we are serious about preparing students for the 21st century. (You can read a good summary of Marco’s keynote on Judy O’Connell’s excellent blog, Hey Jude).

As Marco says, we need to give our projects ‘wings’ so that they can ‘live outside the classroom’. One way of doing this is using podcasts. At the conference, I worked with Michael Cowling, an Apple Distinguished Educator from Aberfoyle Park High School in South Australia, to present a workshop on Podcasting in the Classrom. I was amazed at the quality of work that the participants in our workshop produced. Be sure to check out their work (and subscribe to our podcast feed) at:

Well done to all at Apple Australia who were involved in putting this amazing event together. Roll on ITSC ’07.

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